The Clinical Research department at Dr. Sameh Fikry Medicine Professional Corporation is one of the leading primary care clinical research centres in Canada. It was founded in 2007 and is located in Region of Waterloo. Phase 2-4 clinical trials are conducted in compliance with standards by Health Canada, International Conference on Harmonisation and Good Clinical Practice, and the USA Food and Drug Administration. We have conducted more than 40 clincial studies to date in all areas of general medicine — including diabetes, chronic obstructive bronchitis, asthma, women's health, hypertension, dyslipidemia, migraine, and Crohn's disease.

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FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study is carefully supervised research done to evaluate medications in development or currently approved. Clinical research studies are performed according to government regulations, which help protect the safety and rights of study participants. The goal of clinical research is to answer specific health questions, evaluate the effectiveness and safety of medications and discover new ways to improve health.

How do clinical trials work?

Clinical trials involving new medications are done in a series of steps called phases so researchers can learn more about new medications in a gradual and safe way. Phase 1 is generally the first time these medications are given to people. Participants are closely monitored throughout each phase. Information and results from one phase are used to help design the next phase and the clinical trial only moves on to the next phase when the previous phase's results were considered to be positive.

What are the clinical trial phases?

New medications are being studied carefully in a laboratory before they ready for clinical trials with human volunteers. Clinical trials for any new medication are required before new medication can be used. This happens in several phases:

Phase 1 involves 20 to 80 people. Healthy people take the treatment to ensure it is safe, determine how much is needed, and to determine side effects. Sometimes this phase occurs in people with a disease such as Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, etc.

Phase 2 involves 100 to 300 people. People with the medical condition being studied are watched carefully to see if the treatment works as expected and to further evaluate safety and dose.

Phase 3 involves 1000 to 3000 people. Larger groups of volunteers are monitored to continue observing side effects and to see how well a treatment works in the long-term, how long its effects last, and how it compares to current treatments or a placebo.

Phase 4 involves a large population. After a treatment is shown to work and is approved, the long-term effects and safety are studied and to determine if existing therapies should be replaced.

Clinical Trials

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary and completely up to you. When you are invited to participate (and even after you have started the clinical trial) you have the right to:

1. decide if you wish to take part or continue to take part in the clinical trial or not;

2. withdraw at any time for any reason without having to provide a reason and without this affecting your medical care; and

3. the confidentiality of your information, as any information about you or your health that is collected will be protected — It's the law, even after you have completed or left the clinical trial.

In order to apply for one of our clinical trials listed below, please either use our online form by clicking 'apply' beside a particular trial, or by emailing us at, or by calling us at 519-569-7592.

trial name description status operation
MANDALA Asthma study You may qualify if: you are at least 4 years of age or older, Diagnosed with Asthma, Taking medications of Asthma, Having Asthma exacerbation, willing to sign informed consent. open —
accepting participants
Heart failure study open —
accepting participants
Endometriosis study A clinical study for Endometriosis pain is enrolling now. Find out if you qualify! open —
accepting participants
Crohn's disease study Have you been diagnosed with Crohn's disease for at least three months? Are you 18 years of age or older? If yes, please contact us and the study team will be happy to give you more information on this study. open —
accepting participants
type II diabetes mellitus study If you have type II diabetes, and been told you also have diabetic kidney disease, you may be eligible to participate in one of two studies we are conducting. These studies involve an investigational medication that is being studied to see if it may protect the kidney and heart. open —
accepting participants
type II diabetes mellitus, obesity trial If you are overweight, and have type II diabetes mellitus, you may qualify to receive an investigational product to reduce your weight. open —
accepting participants
ASCENT COPD study If you are a current or former smoker living with COPD, which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema, you may qualify for this clinical research study. closed —
target reached
migraine study Clinical research studies need volunteers age 18 to 65 who suffer from migraine headaches to test an investigational migraine medication. closed —
target reached
asthma study closed —
target reached


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